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Curtsy (The Headmistress Part III.)

Sissification | 1950s PinUp

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*custom order of the previous ~ The Headmistress Part I and Part II You are so pathetic that I am going to teach you to curtsy! You will wear stockings which I will choose for you for the day, everyday! What will you wear? Say it out loud! You are gonna suck my strapped on cock no women would anyway want to fuck you, you are pathetic with a tiny wiener. If you have seen the first two clips this should be then mandatory for you to fetch from my store. If you are reading the description then you must be an otherwise useless, pathetic excuse of a man, I can't emphasize enough how you need to step up your game and proof yourself disposable, at the mercy of the mistress. Go get it sissy! This is a 1950s pinup inspired theme with a petticoat and lots of upstart view.


20 minutes 04 seconds