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Under My Spell

Seduction | Custom

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Hey you! There is a promotion coming up, I really gonna have to win this one, I want to earn a seat at the table and you are just my guy for that, help me achieve that! Set aside all that you've been busy with, I don't care if you are behind on your tasks you are going to have to work for me until I get there. You will do my work so I can concentrate how to get to the top. (dangling high heels whilst talking POV from under my table) come on you know that nobody stands a chance with me but maybe you'll get lucky... (teasing with legs, lifting skirt, playing with pantyhose pussy sensually caressing whilst talking) because if you make me win this competition I will reward you. But of course you will have to sign that bonus away for me, after all all you've been longing for is here right in front of you, that's all that matters, right... In the end of course I win but there is no time to waste on reward or release as the company has landed a project that has win us clients, I mean bij clients, so ... sorry but not sorry.. haha... as I have mentioned it a few times, pussy is for the winners only. Edging and sensual seduction are the core elements. Custom clip order. Was an absolute pleasure filming this item.


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Under My Spell