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Young Brutes Busted Balls

CBT Fantasy | POV | Custom

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27 minutes all talking about last night what happened at the club. Right ladies? You were there, tell them! I know you were there I saw you, right it was nice last night right? Yeah well he was just such an idiot I mean like he was just harassing the girls because he was walking around with 5g's in his hand, telling but almost shouting that women should be ashamed because no body can take him to the ground, otherwise he would give the 5g to the winner but since women (in his eyes) are all losers he just keeps it. And thats when he saw me, thats when he spotted me, and then he looked right at me, right in my face, and just like that, didn't even look to the side, just headed my way, that is when he said, well let's see what this MILF can... 


Young Brutes Busted Balls

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