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*on this page I will explain it in detail how to use the Checkout and how to get your own Account for future reference. Please keep reading!


Personal Information sharing;

Because we are talking about purchasing digital products your personal details don't matter, yet the website is requiring this step for security purposes. For one, is to ensure you are not a robot. However, to ease your mind name any name you want and any address you want. Make sure though that the postal code/ZIP is aligning with the country which is set by default in the girder.

I'll show you how! Keep in mind, in My case or in this template which I am showing we are talking about a Dutch address which is only interesting due to it's unique type of postal code, that requires 6 digits, out of which 4 numbers and 2 letters. When the country is set to Argentina or Brazil, US or UK for example you might have it differently. you can set the country to any of your choice. Remember, this is a digital product. So here you go;

name: [test] [test]

street and number: [test 11]

city & postal code/ZIP: [test] [3030AS]

country: Netherlands 

e-mail address: [your@email.address]


Registering an Account;

Tip: since you have made it till here it would be a shame if you didn't benefit from it by opening an account for future reference. I am talking about the same kind of account that your GF or wife use to their favorite retailer. It will allow you a more than smooth checking out anytime you re-visit, plus this way you can keep a Wishlist! However stupid it might sound now, I am confident that you will love it! There is a good reason why online stores have come up with this special and rather silly offer. To trigger you to buy more of course. In exchange you will be pleased with the easiness and comfort it provides. Not to mention, you can keep a track record on your purchase history too! Fun part is that I am a very busy woman, which ensures you that you will not be spammed even after you disclose your e-mail address. I simply don't have the time to do that. Think about it and come back to get yourself registered. Remember as far as personal information goes when the store is requiring such information from you, it is just a formality and it will not show anywhere. But that doesn't mean you are to use offensive language, okay?! These are the rules! If you feel to enter as name beta* virgin** or pathetic* loser** well... if you must... but that's it, nothing fancier understood?! 

Thank you for reading, 


Payment Method & how to choose one;

So if you were paying any attention to detail then you should know this but on the off chance, allow Me to explain it to you once again!

I will NOT disclose on this website which payment methods are to choose from, solely for discretion. After you have 'purchased' the desired items you will hear from Me shortly by e-mail. I will then discuss the possible ways to pay for your original purchase. Note that we might be living in different time zones. Please allow some delay but no longer then 24 hours. If you have any question or concern please reach out to customer care. Note that only well mannered individuals will receive a response if the nature of your inquiry regarding media purchase or technical error. 

Thank you for reading.